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About Hansa

 I have a passion for continuously learning more about life and growing in my self-understanding and connection with others.  This led me to my career in psychotherapy, consultation, hypnotherapy, and healing in which I use my life experience and clinical skills to help clients transcend traumatic and limiting experiences as they move toward greater emotional well-being.  I'm a relational psychotherapist who supports my clients in living their best lives through therapeutic relationship.

​I am a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in the state of Oregon with a master's degree in

Marriage & Family Therapy. I am certified in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Flash Technique, and Emotionally-Focused Therapy. 

​I provide both faith-based/spiritual and secular psychotherapy for individuals and couples.  I focus on trauma therapy (EMDR), premarital and marital counseling, and support for clients of all ages exploring identity.  I follow time-honored principles when it comes to exploring identity, whether it be related to gender, race, or culture.  I encourage my clients to accept and find purpose in their immutable characteristics, and I support them to live their lives to the fullest, individually, in families, and in community.  I use hypnotherapy to treat trauma, facilitate multi-generational and ancestral healing, and support spiritual growth.  I offer clients support in addition to traditional therapy, in the form of consultation and mentoring/coaching to focus on short-term client goals. I also facilitate consultation groups for other psychology professionals who are committed to supporting each client's wellbeing, in the face of mounting political and social pressures.

White Rocks
"In healing work, imagination is the thing many people fear. They don't want to 'make things up.' But I have seen many times how imagination is an incredible tool for healing. With IAM (Imaginal Attunement Method), we can embrace the subtleties that arise in the session, by stepping into the flow of the experience, rather than resisting it.  This then has miraculous results when applied to our daily lives."
-Hansa Draaka
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